Friday, August 24, 2007

Carol Duffy and Team Quest

Debbie Snapp just forwarded me an article from the News Journal about a group of 17 civil servants from New Castle County who have been nominated at the local level for an award in recognition of their outstanding public service efforts.

Carol Duffy is one of 12 New Castle County civil servants who were recognized. She is a member of a group named "Team Quest" which works to bring financial assistance to families hit by tragedy.

Other members of Team Quest are: Jesse Carroll, Kim Conner, Gale De Ascanis, Lyda Edwards, Sue Egnor, Rick Evans, Sally Jensen, Jill Kendall, Debbie Latina, Paula Marsilii and Chuck Mc Veigh.

Five individuals from other organizations also receiving this recognition were: Mark Allston, Mary Ann Dilworth, Irene Klein, John Howard and Carly White.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other individuals so honored are also NHS Alumni. Thanks for sending me this uplifting article, Debbie.



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