Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mrs. Brinton's Kindergarten

It is not unusual for a student to move during their time in high school so I think it is very nice to have had all four years together with the same classmates. However, there are more than twenty of us who have attended school together since preschool. I am not sure if the list below is complete

Karen Ames, Dana Anderson, Bill Bacon, Allan Bailey, Eileen Beachell, Linda Chambers, Jim Dickey, Nancy Dickey, John Eller, John Ferron, Denise Fieldhouse, Charlie Keppel, Gordon Keppel, Malcolm Leader (moved ?), Bill Morton, Michael Munroe, Brian Partridge (moved before high school), Ricky Ott, Amy Slack, Kate Smith, John Squier, Jacquie Ziller.

There is even a group of at least three or four of us who have been together since attending the University of Delaware's Laboratory Pre-School that was in the Home Economics Building on what was once known as the Women's campus. Those students include:

Marty Armstrong, Cindy Jones, Kathy McCormick, Michael Munroe.

My two favorite activities were building with the big hollow wooden blocks and nap time after snacks when the student teachers would sit down next to where we were on the mats and would rub our backs until we fell asleep. I don't think that I have had enough of that even yet.

Outside there was a big red club house with a ladder up the side to a roof top deck. There was also a big wide flat metal slide that was fun. I remember that there was sometimes a pet like a rabbit in a cage sitting under the slide which would protect it from the rain.

I am sure that I was one of the only students ever to ride a bicycle to nursery . I lived just across South College Avenue from Mitchell Hall on the corner of South College and Amstel Avenue. Once someone helped me across South College Avenue, I could ride all the way to the University Nursery school without crossing any more streets.