Saturday, February 21, 2009

Missing Classmates Revised

Missing Classmates

Dear Classmates,

I am positive some of these former classmates are still in the Newark area and I will be the first to admit that we could do a better job tracking them down. But we all have other things on our plate, however, if one of these persons listed below is a friend of yours or lives near you, please help us out.

If they want to remain hidden, just tell us that you know where they live and we will put a note on the website saying they would rather keep their contact information private but they are living happily. . .

If you see a name that you know something about or just want to add your own plea, you can comment on this post. You don't even have to register.

For a list of classmates who have died,

Here's the list of classmates who are just missing:

Abner, Gail E (Raniere)
Ambrose, Mary T.
Armstrong, Sandra L.
Atwell, Linda (Bessette)
Barlow, Kevin M.
Barudi, Martha I.
Barwick, James R.
Beaver, Sandra J.
Becker, Kurt
Biebuyck, Anne Marie
Boardman, Kathryn A
Bradham, Lynne G.
Breining, Susan (Sidari)
Brown, Jr., Jacob E.
Brown, Laurel A. Stanley)
Burr, Jr., Benjamin M.
Butler Lawrence A.
Campbell, Luke J.
Cannon, Sherri E. (Barwick)
Cantwell, Lois R.
Carpenter, Peter T.
Carpenter, Sandra H. (Preston)
Carter, Guy M.
Chapman, David Lee
Clute, Patricia L.
Conley, Pamela C. (Senter)
Connolley, Thomas L.
Cooper, Sally E. (March)
Craig, Wayna Y. (Blakenship)
Dante, Edward C.
Dickey, Nancy L. (Long)
Dominick, Cynthia M. (Meldin)
Dumire, Richard A.
Evans Diane Marie (Palmer)
Evans, Mary Michele (Tuttle)
Evans, Timothy I.
Fishel, Stephen V.
Forney, Sharon K. (Fredriksen)
Fowler, Janet (Hayden)
Fredriksen,George Joseph
Freeman, Janice P. (Coyle)
Gardner, Pamela M.
Glenn, Mark W.
Gravelee, Laura A. (Reid)
Green, Betty Jean
Gronka III, Michael J.
Grosskopf, Loretta A. (Hearn)
Hagan, Jean Ann (Walpole)
Hale, Lisa Kay (Stevens)
Halio, Brian David
Hardy, Linda Susan (Harkins)
Hassman, Holly Beth (Simon)
Heiken, Jr., Edward Daniel
Henz, Charles Stephen IV
Herbin, Mike T.
Hitchens, William R.
Hudson, Victor Charles
Jacobson, Marston Ross
Jahn, Barbara L.
James, Althea, E. (Talley)
James, Sandra E.
J'Anthony, Nels Michael
Johnson, Virginia L.
Kidd, Jeffry V.
Kilpatrick, Joan T.
Kingdon, Susan E. (Lovelace)
Kraus, Ellis A.
Kurtz, Marynell (Spicer)
Laletas, Christine (Frangakis)
Lavallee, Gayle Ann (Habertine)
Lerch, Janice Lerch
Lesher, Sheryl Jane
Lister, William R.
Long, Linda A. (Kline)
Makeever, Marcia Claire (Bolanowski)
March, Jan Ann (Logandro)
Massado, Veronica Ann
Mc Carthy, Marjorie Allison (Kerns)
Mc Farland, Sharon (Selchepine)
Mc Millan, Sherri
Mc Nair, Byron
Meadows, Rhoda E.
Merritt, Lisa Dorothea
Milbourne, Sharon Jane.
Arthur John Miller
Miller, Beatrice Ann (Mc Cleary)
Miller, Gerald Brian
Mitchell, Fred C.
Montgomery, Lois
Moon, Tae Im
Moore Mollie Denise
Morgan, Deborah Marie (Brown)
Morris, Wanda E. (Hamrich)
Murray, Brooke
Myers, Charles Wayne
Nantais, Gloria J.
Nelson, David Carter
Nutter, Debra
Ottey, Van
Patrick, Leslie Y.
Patrick, Sandra Erni
Pelot, Christine Love (Littleton)
Poplos, Gregory John
Priestly, Richard D.
Purcell, Michele Eileen
Redd, Cathy A.
Reed, Sue Ann
Renn, Sandra Kay
Roselle, Nancy Jean
St. Clair, Mary Alice
Santo, Joan M.
Scott, Marilyn L. (Toole)
Sheehan, Joyce Hanna (Wilkins)
Shumosic, Ann T.
Simmons, Kevin Henry
Sisk, Andrea (King)
Slack, Amy L.
Slavin, David A.
Smith, Andrew C.
Smith, Mike W.
Smith, Doug W.
Smock, Suzanne Carol
Stayton, Mark Steven
Steck, David Richard
Thomas, Kathy Elizabeth
Thompson, James (Jim) Andrew
Tierney, Francis E.
Toscano, Joseph Stephen
Trabulsi, Steve T.
Turner, Joan Marie (Williamson)
Uniatowski, Richard
Waller, Donnie R.
Ward, Grace A.
Watts, Stephanie L.
West, Catherine (Cathy) Elizabeth
White, Elizabeth (Beth) Ann (Smithson)
Yoder, Bonnie J.